propane.pngTiger Fuel supplies homeowners and businesses with clean-burning propane and oil for heating, cooking, and various other appliances. We also offer our customers leases on in-ground storage facilities.

Tiger Fuel commercially distributes diesel and gasoline fuel products to stations throughout Virginia. For these fuel retailers, we also offer convenience store products and services. Big enough to ensure competitive pricing, but small enough to provide prompt, friendly and personal service, Tiger Fuel is here to help bring out the best in your home or business.



Tiger Fuel provides clean-burning and reliable propane gas for home, commercial, and industrial uses. Residential consumers can use propane fuel with a variety of appliances:

  • Furnaces
  • Boiler systems
  • Water heaters (both traditional and tankless)
  • Space heaters
  • Clothes dryers
  • Cooktops and ranges
  • Fire logs
  • Generators

Propane provides reliable, clean, energy-saving, and cost-effective heat. Many customers enjoy the savings and quick recovery time of propane-fired hot water heaters; the cook in the house will love the control of heat provided by propane-fueled cooking appliances.

For new home construction, Tiger Fuel offers a valuable Builders Program that facilitates propane home heating and hot water installations.

At Tiger Fuel, you’ll get more than just high-quality propane. We also have:

  • National Propane Gas Association-certified employees
  • Automated computer dispatched delivery
  • Tanks and regulating equipment leased to customers
  • Above and underground tanks available in various sizes
  • SMARTPay and other convenient payment options including major credit cards

For more information about propane, visit the Propane Council's website.

For information regarding safe use of propane, please visit the Propane Council Consumer Safety page.

Place an order online or call us at 434-293-6157 to learn more about our convenient payment options.


Heating Oil

Tiger Fuel has been Central Virginia’s source for efficient heating oil for over twenty-five years. Heating oil from Tiger Fuel can be used to fire furnaces, boilers, and hot water heaters, and can be conveniently stored on your property in either above-ground or underground storage tanks. With our degree of payment options and always-reliable delivery service, Tiger Fuel is your number one source for safe and efficient home heating oil.

Place an order online or call us at 434-293-6157 to learn more about our convenient payment options.



If the productivity of your business runs on diesel, Tiger Fuel has you covered. We provide on- and off-road diesel to farmers and construction companies to power farm and industrial equipment. Plus, our flexible delivery programs work with your schedule. If your job site requires diesel for equipment operation, we can set up a custom fueling program to get you the fuel you need when you need it. After all, we know how tight work schedules can get, so you can rest assured knowing that an ample fuel supply will never be a concern – we’re always ready to keep you fueled up and productive.

Place an order online or call us at 434-293-6157 to learn more about our convenient payment options.



Tiger Fuel Company is here to serve you on the road as well as at home. We have several convenient retail gasoline stations providing branded gasoline (Exxon, Shell, BP, Citgo and EXCEL), and we also supply gasoline for customers with private tanks that can be installed at their home or farm.

Contact us online or call us at 434-293-6157 to learn more about our branded gasoline.


Convenience Store Products and Services

Tiger Fuel Company owns and operates a chain of retail stores called The Market. In addition to offering all the traditional convenience items drivers need, several of our Markets feature a great array of food and beverage products. Check out our “gourmet-to-go” offerings at our Bellair, Mill Creek, and Locust Grove locations.

Our Return and Earn loyalty card rewards you with generous discounts at the pump for merchandise purchases inside the store. And your ride isn’t the only thing you can refuel at the Market. All Markets also feature our special Kona Blend coffee. After all… “Our Coffee Puts Us on the Map!”