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Tiger Fuel Company was established in August of 1982 with the purchase of an Exxon-branded petroleum distributor in Charlottesville, Virginia. Tiger Fuel Company has since expanded in the years following, building modern facilities for retail gasoline, car washes and convenience food stops, as well as providing home heating oil and propane gas products.

In 1990, Tiger Fuel Company opened a second distributor location in Lovingston, Nelson County, offering the same extensive line of petroleum products and services available in Charlottesville. In 2004, Tiger Fuel acquired the assets of Appomattox Sevistar Oil and Propane Company, and in 2007, also acquired the Appomattox Oil Company. Many Appomattox Oil Company employees continue to work with us.

Today Tiger Fuel Company is a dependable full service energy provider and a complete petroleum products distributor for Central Virginia. We are the area's largest distributor of home heating fuels, and we offer one-stop shopping for all your petroleum needs, and represent the following major brands: Exxon, Shell, BP, CITGO, and its own private label, EXCEL.  

Wherever we do business, Tiger Fuel Company has established a reputation of commitment to our customers, providing them with reliable, affordable, and professional services.


Corporate Responsibility

Clean and Green

At Tiger Fuel Company, we recognize our responsibility to use natural resources in an environmentally sound manner, and we’re committed to helping make a positive impact on the environment and in our community. That’s why we provide clean-burning, economically efficient, and versatile propane.

It’s no coincidence that over 60 million homes nationwide rely on propane for their home comfort and energy needs. Propane is one of the lightest, simplest hydrocarbon gases in existence, making it one of the cleanest burning of all fossil fuels. Propane is absolutely nontoxic, and is not harmful to soil and water. Because propane poses no threat to the environment, the placement of propane tanks either above or belowground is not regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Every bit as kind to your wallet as it is to the environment, propane provides consistent efficiency. It is far more affordable to power your home with propane than with electric energy, and over time, propane-powered water heating can cost just a third of equivalent energy-powered water heating. 

Propane is also highly valued for its broad versatility, and can handle a lot more than your barbeque grill. You can use propane to power your backup generator, stove, furnace, gas fireplace, tankless water heater, clothes dryer, garage heater and so much more.


Community Service

Tiger Fuel Company is proud to give generously back to the community we serve. We have partnered with many local charities in the Charlottesville and Central Virginia regions, including:

  • Heritage Repertory Theatre
  • The Wildlife Center of Virginia
  • Little Keswick Foundation for Special Education, Inc.
  • Town of Scottsville's Historic Streetscape Project
  • American Cancer Society
  • All Local County Fire Departments
  • Martha Jefferson Hospital
  • Muscular Dystrophy Association
  • Junior League of Charlottesville
  • Piedmont Little League
  • Boys of America
  • The American Legion
  • Appomattox Christmas Parade
  • Appomattox Youth Sports Inc.
  • Local Emergency Services
  • Local School Activities

We are grateful to have you as a customer. Thank you for allowing us to serve you.


Press Clippings

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