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Now more than ever, homeowners rely on Tiger Fuel for reliable, on-time delivery, competitive market pricing, and excellent customer service. Tiger offers homeowners monthly payment plans that help with budgeting and planning. If you ever have a question or problem, we’ll respond quickly and courteously.


Residential Fuel Delivery

You can count on Tiger Fuel to deliver your home heating oil safely and reliably when you need it. We understand that you have lots to do in the day, which is why we streamline your fuel ordering process via a convenient online order form. To provide the timeliness and reliability that our customers expect, Tiger Fuel hires great people who are fully licensed to drive tank trucks and load and unload fuel. Every Tiger Fuel driver who visits your home will deliver your fuel safely and accurately measure the amount delivered.

For quick and convenient home fuel ordering, fill out the online order form.


Residential Heating Service

For more than twenty-five years, Tiger Fuel has provided kerosene, propane and heating oil to Central Virginians for efficient, comfortable and safe home heating.

Propane provides reliable, clean, energy-saving, and cost-effective heat. In addition to being very safe and convenient to store, propane is also versatile enough to power a whole range of appliances, like stoves and water heaters. Many customers enjoy the savings and quick recovery time of propane-fired hot water heaters as compared to much less efficient electric heaters.

Heating oil is most often used to fire furnaces and hot water heaters, and kerosene is used for many "stove-type" room heaters. Your furnace or boiler manufacturer instructions will tell you which heating oil is the right one for your system. Heating oil can be conveniently stored on your property in either above-ground or underground storage tanks. With our degree of payment options and always-reliable delivery service, Tiger Fuel is your number one source for safe and efficient home heating oil.


Residential Energy Savings

Operating efficiency is propane's prime advantage. More than 70 percent of the energy value of electricity is lost in its generation and transmission process. In contrast, only seven percent of the energy value of propane is lost in its production and distribution. Fuel efficiency will vary with the efficiency of the appliances in your home. Compare the cost of propane versus electricity to do the same job in these four simple steps.           

Step 1:
Check the price of propane in your area and insert the per gallon cost in the calculator below.

Step 2:
Compute your kilowatt hour (kwh) rate.  To do this, divide your total electric bill by the number of kilowatt hours you used.  Insert the figure into the second field in the calculator below.

Step 3:
Since we are assuming that propane is 80 percent efficient, it will take slightly more propane to do the same job. So the cost per gallon of propane is automatically multiplied by 1.25 by the calculator. Since electricity is considered to be 100 percent efficient at the appliance, the cost per kwh is unchanged.

Step 4:
Click the 'Calculate Totals' button. The results of the calculation are shown in the fields below the calculate button. 

Now you can easily compare the cost of propane versus electricity to do the same job.

Fill in the prices and compare your energy costs:

Local Price of LP-Gas (Propane)
 per gal
Local Price of Electricity
 per kwh
Cost per 100,000 BTU
Cost per 100,000 BTU
To learn more about conserving energy, visit the ASE website, or to learn more about making your home more efficient, visit Mass Save.


Our SMARTPay program offers unsurpassed ease and convenience to our propane and heating oil customers.

  • No more unpleasant surprises: Even if you need two heating oil, kerosene, or propane deliveries in the same month, or if fuel prices rise, you will never get hit with a huge winter fuel bill again. SMARTPay keeps your bills lower, simpler and more predictable.
  • Electronic funds transfer: We will set up your account to be electronically debited automatically on the same day of each month.
  • Extra cash when you need it most: By slashing your winter heating bills, you can keep those post-holiday blues at bay and pay off your credit cards instead!
  • Automatic delivery: As a SMARTPay customer, you'll enjoy the benefits of automatic delivery. No more calling for heating fuel, or even worrying about running out!

Call (434) 293-6157 or email us to enroll in SMARTPay!