Fleet Operators

fleet.pngFleet Program

Are you searching for an easier and more convenient way to manage your company's gasoline and diesel purchases? Tiger Fuel’s Fleet Program helps control your company's fuel expenses while eliminating the hassle of motor fuel storage and paperwork!



TigerCard is a card-based motor fuel management system that makes it easy to buy your company’s motor fuel. Enrollment is FREE, and there are no yearly fees or monthly interest charges.


Fleet Management

TigerCard makes fleet management much easier, providing you with:

  • Accurate and reliable accounting of gasoline and diesel purchases
  • Availability of multiple products (gas, motor oil, etc.) with just one swipe of the card
  • Streamlined expense management without the hassle of a fuel storage system
  • A readily available supply of fuel, guaranteed     
  • Fast turnaround time with maximum efficiency for your drivers
  • Monthly reports accounting for all purchases of motor fuel for the month, including the date, time, driver, and odometer readings of each vehicle, all in a neat and concise format.


Order TigerCard

Ready to streamline your fleet management responsibilities and consolidate your fuel purchases free of any additional charge? Begin experiencing the benefits of TigerCard today! Simply fill out our confidential form or contact us today at (434) 293-6157.