Considering a Generator?

Things-to-Consider-When-Purchasing-a-Generator.png5 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Generator

With recent power outages and bitter temperatures this winter, we’ve had many customers inquire about purchasing a generator as a source of back-up home heat. To make your decision easier, our service salesmen, Ryan Campbell and John Holder, have created the step-by-step process to help determine if this is the right investment for you.

1. Have a site visit with your electrician

Before you give us a call, reach out to your electrician about proper code for generator placement on your property. Without this information, our service technicians are unable to move forward with installing the tank(s) to supply your generator.

2. Calculate your daily fuel usage

Call and speak with one of our dedicated customer service team members. We’ll look at your tank size and average time between fill-ups to calculate an accurate fuel estimate.

3. Evaluate how frequently you lose power

Do you lose power often in storms? How long are you typically without power? These are the types of questions we’ll ask you to help determine the most efficient generator size.

4. I’m purchasing a generator, what do I do next?

Typically, generator installations take about 6-8 months. In the meantime, we will install the tank(s) that will supply the generator, run the appropriate lines, and eventually connect it to the generator once it has been installed.

5. Do I need a separate tank for my generator?

While it’s not required, we highly recommend installing a tank specific to fueling your generator. Because propane use is sporadic with generators, all generator tanks are on a will-call delivery schedule. This means you’ll have to monitor your tank regularly to determine when you need a fill-up. By installing a second tank for your generator, you can ensure that your home heat is not affected.

Have more questions about your generator investment? Give us a call at (434) 293-6157 and ask to speak with John or Ryan or complete a service request here.